The Cleveland Browns reportedly have interest from the Seahawks and Panthers over Baker Mayfield, however they’re the greatest barrier to an offer.

Baker Mayfield is no longer the Browns starting quarterback. The question is whether he’ll be a starting quarterback somewhere else in 2022.

For that to occur, he’ll require to be traded. The problem is Cleveland hasn’t been able to reach a contract with any suitors.

According to The Athletic, they have had settlements with the Panthers as well as Seahawks. The issue is the Browns are persisting about how much of Mayfield’s assured salary they are willing to eat.

Browns remain to be own worst enemy with Baker Mayfield trade
Jeff Howe’s most current notebook for The Sports details why a trade to unload Mayfield hasn’t obtained done.

Basically, Mayfield is owed a minimum salary of $1.035 million. That leaves $17.823 million for the Browns to either take in or discharge in arrangements.

” The Panthers and also Seahawks still have not eliminated getting Mayfield, but they’ll need the Browns to take on a much better portion of his contract than they have actually offered up until now,” Howe composed. “It’s unclear just how far apart the sides have been, yet the Browns desire their contractual intake to be compatible with the property they get in return.”

Releasing Mayfield would suggest approving the complete $18 million of his guaranteed contract while getting nothing in return. Carolina as well as Seattle understand that, so they don’t have a lot of reward to tackle a significant piece of that income.

On the other hand, the Browns can play a video game of poultry and imitate they want to hold on to Mayfield, leaving QB-needy teams to enter into 2022 without an upgrade.

That will certainly come with time, evaluating the will of each group. In the end, it’s most likely Cleveland who will move.

It’s as well early in the offseason for any individual to be especially desperate. That will certainly come with time, checking the will of each team. In the end, it’s possibly Cleveland who will budge.

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