The NFL Network is airing a series of documentaries this vacation weekend break, highlighting the organization’s champion groups.

Two significant Super Bowl champs have been avoided over, though, according to Pro Football Talk.

Among those teams is the 2002 Buccaneers, which were led by Jon Gruden.

Gruden, obviously, is suing the National Football Organization over his ousting from the Las Vegas Raiders.

Pro Football Talk notes this step by NFL Network isn’t extremely surprising:

The folks at strenuously objected to the Tampa Bay omission. Our guess is that it traces directly to the fact that Jon Gruden, the first-year coach of the Super Bowl XXXVII champions at the time, currently has active litigation against the league — and because he was forced out of his job as coach of the Raiders after someone (he claims in his lawsuit that it was the league office and the Commissioner) leaked emails Gruden had sent to former Washington executive Bruce Allen in 2011.

NFL followers aren’t amazed, either.

Still, several are distressed.

“What regarding the 100s of others that contributed to those championship teams,” one fan tweeted.

“Gruden just won that super dish due to the fact that it was his old playbook as well as his old Raiders. They ought to skip it each year,” another fan added.

The Cowboys, at the same time, were likely skipped due to the Rich Dalrymple dispute. The long time Dallas executive suddenly retired soon before ESPN reported on his supposed filming of Cowboys supporters.

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