Kyler Murray almost led the Cardinals to a fourth-quarter comeback against the Green Bay Packers on Thursday night, but they fell short when Murray threw an interception on the game’s last offensive play.

Murray was attempting to target A.J. Green in the end zone for a game-winning touchdown with only 15 seconds remaining to play, but Green was unaware that he was receiving the ball, resulting in a nightmarish situation for the Cardinals.

Rasul Douglas intercepted the pass to give Green Bay a 24-21 victory.

On Twitter, there were several comments to the play, with one of the greatest coming from the New England Patriots. The Patriots gave out the right tweet after Douglas made the interception.

The Patriots are the experts in Arizona when it comes to game-winning interceptions. The squad certainly had a sense of déjà vu while watching the play since they won Super Bowl XLIX at the SAME STADIUM on a game-winning interception by Malcolm Butler on a play when Russell Wilson was intercepted.

The Patriots’ Super Bowl victory was so significant that Tom Brady rated it as his best football memory of his 21-year career JUST THIS WEEK. On the other hand, I’m assuming it’s Russell Wilson’s least favorite moment in his career, just as Kyler Murray’s interception on Thursday was likely one of his least favorite moments in his career.

Murray, despite throwing the interception, is difficult to blame for what transpired. Green never turned around to seek for the ball on the play, allowing Douglas to intercept it. Although no official explanation has been given, according to, Murray attempted to audible to a back-shoulder fade, but Green failed to notice the audible, which is why he never turned for the ball.

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